2677_70866714296_7542976_nAfter the tremendous success of our first two shows, Little Voice Big Sound is proud to announce the third show in our series: Voices for the Environment. This show is themed to the causes of our environment, to coincide with World Environment Day 2009 (June 5) with the participation of:


John Akpata (poetry), Ariane Beauchamp (live visual art), David Chernushenko (film), Zeynep Ergincan (visual art), Mehdi Hamdad (theater, music, poetry), Nathanael Larochette (poetry), Chloe Laberge-Perrault (music), Stefan Thompson (live art/wall art), Snowflake (mixed media)


end result

Ben and Me, Concert Series

My very first experience with live art during a music concert. First a many performances in collaboration with local music group Ben and Me.

Opera Undressed

Opera Undressed Series

Convinced that classical music and 19th century opera becomes sexier the moment you stop resisting it, pianist Roland Graham will accompany soprano Noosa Al-Sarraj in a program of German and French art songs and Italian aria while artist Ariane Beauchamp projects images of her art on topless models.

What the tastefully erotic live art says about the dramatic music isn’t clear, but it should go a long way to heighten the music’s luxuriant sensuality.





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