#a good thing Ottawa, Thank you @kristinasees !



Collaborating with other artiste is one of my favorite things to get up to, in the past I preferred it to doing work on my own. I love meeting other creative people to exchange ideas, energy and thoughts on what art is and what it should be. There is so many people out there with so much to learn, I’m never one to turn down an invitation to collaborate. It’s clear that some pairings have gone better than others, some bore fruit and other life lessons, all in all I’ve appreciated every one of them.  Working with musicians and poets and is one of my favorite things, two collaboration that stand out to me would be working on the music video for the song Drift wood by Claude Munson and the Storm Outside. We did a short stop motion animation video, very hands on, it was create, another would be doing live art as part of the event Little Voice Big Sounds some years ago. I was painting on stage at La Nouvelle Scene while Mehdi Hamdad recited poetry and songs. The energy was great. 

I find that this city is alive and well and full of creative people. Ottawa is small but has so many vibrant scenes. There is a sample of everything. Every week there is an event I feel I need and want to be at it seems. I sometimes feel it’s a shame that so many feel they need to leave this place for greener pastures. Ottawa is cool too




Article and Photos by: @kristinasees 



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