A Study in Ink: by Christine Séguin




A Study in Ink

By Christine Séguin — Wed, 21/05/2014 – 11:17

The Ottawa art scene is one that is rich and continues to grow. The community is collaborative, inventive and progressive with young, innovative artists on the rise.

Ariane Beauchamp will be presenting New Works this month at Patrick Gordon Framing Studio.  The show opens on May 23 and her work will be shown until June 27. DJ Billy will be there spinning music as ambiance at the vernissage Friday evening.

This will be Ariane’s first solo art exhibition in a few years. In the interim, she has collaborated with musicians, such as Claude Munson & the Storm Outside for music videos and live art works. She also collaborated with author Joel Fawcett on his book. You can tell she enjoys collaborating with other artists. I spoke with Ariane about this over an excessively large plate of nachos. “I enjoy creating a live dialogue between myself and my fellow performer. It is a very ephemeral experience which garners an immediate reaction from your audience. I get to feel like a rock star receiving applause.” I can definitely see how she would enjoy that feeling. Watching her create live art during a concert, I was moved by how the work looked both frantic and graceful, aggressive and musical.

Ariane is looking forward to her return to solo exhibition. The show will feature a selection of new ink drawings. Her latest collection, developed over this past winter, demonstrates the natural movement of medium. Using a variety of inks, a dropping technique and her signature use of muted, earthy colours, Ariane has created a collection that explores the theme of life and death in nature and the duality between man and animal. Images of birds and horned animals will be featured in wide spectrum from realistic to surreal. “These symbols and themes dictate our lives,” she said. The series also challenges the tradition of ink and pen drawings by propelling elements of the illustrations into the realm of the third dimension with the use of paper and tool.

Ariane studied classical painting and illustration in university and she is influenced by artists like David Ellis, Ed Pien, Wangechi Mutu and Mathew Ritchie. She grew up in rural Northern Ontario, which eventually became the background of her work. It also informed her fascination with nature and wildlife. Her weapon of choice for this show is ink and watercolours. Not only is it her medium, it is also her inspiration. “The ink tells what what is going to become of the piece. It will move, fall and dry in a why you won’t expect or plan for. Like in nature.  I let it tell me what it’s going to be.” She plays with the subconscious.  Each piece tells a rich story but it’s up to the audience to write its narrative.

Ariane is not limited to ink in paper. She has also been known to work with wood, felt, projection and even the human body for the Opera Undressed series. Patrick Gordon framing is a studio with a rich relationship with Ottawa artists and collectors. They will offer framing for Ariane’s work, which would be a gorgeous addition to any space. You will have to see for yourself.

Ariane Beauchamp – New Works
Friday, May 23, 2014 @ 7pm
Patrick Gordon Framing Studio
160 Elm Street


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